Gawker sells 3 blogs

Gawker Media Talk about mergers and acquisitions on the web! Or maybe finding a home for your favorite puppy that you can’t keep! Gawker Media is selling three of their blogs; maybe I should say finding them new owners.

Gawker Media had 16 different blogs on board as in January 2008 and covered subjects from music to travel to video games to science fiction to pornography (the list, courtesy wikipedia). The ones that are being ‘eliminated’ are ( I guess given the rate of realty shows we watch, this is the right term and the most communicative) Idolator, Gridskipper and—be prepared for a surprise—Wonkette. These blogs form less than three percent of Gawker’s traffic, and are hence on the way out, admits Nick Denton, the blog owner. The first two have been under-performing and been eligible for the axe for some time, but Wonkette still generates considerable traffic; i.e. if you consider 5.8 million views in a month considerable, and that for March 2008.

Idolator is a music blog and Nick now admits that the rumors late last year about Maura Johnston’s music blog were true. Idolator will now be Buzznet property, and it is one of the last deals to be finalized, well, just over the last weekend.

Gridskipper is a travel blog and is going to Lockhart Steele who was previously with Gawker. The blog is being absorbed into the Curbed network, and I am not surprised, Nick is one of Steele’s investors.

Wonkette is a political blog, and not a small one! It is Washington DC politics and gossip that is the deal here. Blogads network will work in conjunction with the blog now and Ken Layne the current editor will take over.

Nick Denton now has 12 sites left and the grape vine says he might have been taking a caution against an approaching ‘cold wind’ of recession in USA.

Gawker Media is internet’s most successful network and the most influential too. Gawker Media is believed to have annual revenue between $10 and 15 million and the flagship site is said to attract 10 million page views a month, and the network as a whole is over 150 million.  Gawker owns popular tech blogs Gizmodo and Valleywag.

Jason Pontin (Technology Review) on Nick Denton.


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