Indian brides

Indian Weddings
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Forget those whitening creams and fair skin fads; forget about raising a din on the groom’s dowry demands, the new breed of grooms have arrived. They love dusky skin and ‘obedient’ Indian women. They don’t look for degrees or careers for a possible working-spouse visa; instead they give your gal a US citizenship just by marrying her. And, they want dowry, as plain as that! The American/European groom is here and actively looking for the old world marriages. Just a well brought up wealthy woman with values from the ‘Indian’ family would do!

I have read about Arabs seeking young brides from the country, but the arm of matrimony has extended eastward so much that guys from US and Canada have started posting their matrimonial requirement in Indian media and even on sites like the craigslist. Love doesn’t figure any longer in the marriage plans is what I understand.

One person went so far as to condescend that he thought the Indian females attractive, but since he had no way of meeting any unmarried Indian, (obedient) females out in New York or Washington who would want a ‘wifely’ career, he was advertising his need here. Those techie girls out there is plainly not wife material, is that what he is trying to say?

Another guy makes it clear he needs $$$$$ and says ‘if you want to become a Canadian citizen, then look no further.”  The bride should be willing to bring with her enough money for the groom to open a restaurant in his home country Canada.  Wow, I did not know that getting a citizen ship in the US or Canada was so easy! Another guy is ‘on the lookout for a beautiful dark-haired Indian princess.”…Wow! That’s a tall order…from where do we get the pedigree from?

Does this defy the paradigm that ‘never the twain shall meet!” or is it just a passing fancy? The Indian woman can preen their feathers in being appreciated and being one-up with their men and being boosted from the door-mat image, and guys, you fail the test here; NO foreigner lady wants to marry an Indian man…Aha!

(Craigslist, founded in USA in 1995, is one of the most popular classified advertising services in the world.  Today, it has successfully spread its branches to 450 cities in 50 countries.  According to Wikipedia, more than 5 billion Craigslist pages are seen every month putting it in the top 75 websites in the world)



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