$500 reward to ‘catch’ a blogger

To Catch an Impersonator How would you like to make $500 as reward just for identifying a blogger? Here is how to do it!  Angela Hoy of www.writersweekly.com  is desperately looking for one Poddymouth who is going round impersonating a previous blogger, who has retired and archived her site as on March 17, 2007.

Girlondemand, the original blogger who did her bit of impressive analysis on the print-on-demand stuff on the web had a blog which went by the name of POD-DY Mouth, The gal was a novelist and a respected and senior journalist and the blog was really popular, attracting a large number of views. The current Poddymouth however goes about trotting her blog in a different manner (yeah, they believe it is a she). This new girl on the ‘old’ block has targeted several P-O-D publishers and disperses utter abuse and personal attack and has created quite a bit of heartburn and hurt among the P-O-D publishers.

Angela has a reason to feel sore about this, she runs a P-O-D outfit and Poddymouth has targeted her none too mercifully! Angela has been given a chance to voice her side of the story on ‘P&E, a guide to publishers and publishing services for serious writers’. She says that Poddymouth keeps spitting venom and falsehoods and avoids publishing any of her comments in reply to the false accusations in the blog. In fact she was contacted by one of her own clients who sounded out about the rumors circulating the web. Rather one-sided, huh?

So this is what you have to do. I quote Angela here “We will, of course, respect your  identity but you must tell us who you really are because PODdymouth may very well try to trick us into implicating someone else. Please spread the word. If you know who
PODdymouth is (or even if you want to weigh in with a guess for fun), contact: angela – at – writersweekly.com

The writer’s weekly is a popular freelance writing ezine and other than articles and market information, Angela has this space where Whispers and Warnings about clients who run away without paying their writers can be posted! Now tell me what you just thought!

Originally published at TechGoss.in


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