Technopark: pollution problems

They call it ‘Harmony at Work’ and a one-stop shop to “all your business needs related to IT, Communication and Entertainment.”  Technopark, Trivandrum is a 300 acre spread of 2.1 million square feet of build up space and has over 17000 employees on the campus in over 140 companies in the IT and ITES sector. Infosys, Alamy, Ernst& Young, Allianz Cornhill, IBS, TCS, SunTec – the names crowding the campus are big enough to be recognized over the world putting Trivandrum on the IT world map. Technopark has changed the lifestyle and face of Trivandrum to a large extent, mixing the conservative crowd with yuppies and techies and pushing up real estate prices and rents which had been hibernating so far.

Technopark is in news today for something drastically different. The Hindu reports that the State Pollution Board has slammed the Technopark with a notice asking it to clean up its act very fast. Reminding the Technopark authorities that the IT sector is not exempt from pollution laws, it has made a three-pronged accusation of sound and air pollution by the generators on the campus, the inadequate e-waste disposal and the miserable sewage system.

The Technopark has of course defended themselves saying that they have a sewage recycling plant in place and is managing e-waste disposal efficiently. But the PCB points out that e-waste disposal is not for scrap dealers to handle, but to be done by specialized agencies, and the sewage recycling, if in place, was not in proper working condition. The generators are required to be housed in acoustic enclosures according to rules, which is not the case here.

The Technopark is said to be ‘examining the case in detail’.

Technopark Kerala : An Overview.

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