Techie raises Rs. 3 Lakhs election fighting fund

Ravi Krishna ReddyHis website proclaims great words by Gandhiji and Abraham Lincoln, including ‘be the change you want to see in the world’. He is doing exactly that. Ravi Krishna Reddy, a computer science ME, had a ‘decent’ (his definition) techie job back in the US for over 6 years, and has left it all to plunge into politics back home. Reddy is contesting as an independent candidate from the Jayanagar constituency in Bangalore to the Karnataka state assembly.

He is quite media savvy. He has founded a Kannada magazine, has a website, a blog in Kannada and a column in Youtube where he presents his weekly columns. But the media has done just a handful of stories on him; he is still curiosity in the eyes of the common man. You won’t find many public endorsements to what he did; the word ‘politician’ is derogatory not just in American English but the Indian society too. Yet, Reddy is sticking to his decision and wants to do a lot, says his website. He says his candidacy is an effort to start a new conversation in politics. He expects no bouquets and lot of brickbats, yet wants to do it. He says the election contest is all about morals and ethics.

Reddy looks actively for volunteers to help his campaign and seeks donations towards his poll expenses. The poll expenses are usually the biggest joke in any elections in India, the limit of 10 Lakhs ($ 22,750) is usually peanuts for the candidates with party backing, and they usually spent a hundred fold of that. But Reddy means to stick to the limit. He has put up a donor list on the site and has collected over 3 Lakhs ($ 7500) mainly from the techie groups. In fact over 50% of the financial support he received has been from the IT sector. If the donations exceed the limit he says it ‘will be spent on strengthening Democracy and value system across Karnataka.’

Techgoss asked him what he intends to do for the IT sector if he is elected, and he says that his focus ‘is not just on the IT sector, but all issues concerning his city’. He speaks of farmers; he himself hails from a village Bommasandra, in Bangalore Urban District and was educated in the Kannada medium government school there. He is concerned about the pollution in Bangalore. He wants to do something about the impending effect of the looming recession problem in the US that may cause more than ripples in Bangalore in a couple of years.

Ravi Krishna Reddy told techgoss that he has not been intimidated by any poll forces or dirty tricks yet. Karnataka goes to polls on three dates between Mat 10 and 22 and when the votes are counted on May 25, we will know how the public has taken to this techie-turned contestant.


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