Thatskannada backs techie

Ravi Krishna Reddy Ravi Krishna Reddy must be feeling good. His election campaign is gathering momentum; he is getting media coverage without having to go round with begging bowls and spoonfuls of temptation and the hustings is just ahead, it is on May 10th 2008.

The media stories that scroll down his web site have gone up in number and show a story as well as a CNN-IBN capsule. It also includes the techgoss one that we put up a few days ago; but what looks even better is the support offered by where G.S.Satya writes in from San Jose, CA. The open letter addressed to Reddy is in full-fledged appreciation of what Reddy is doing.

Satya minces no words in this appeal to the voting public; he says he has been canvassing the techies in the constituency to go out and exercise their voting rights in favor of Reddy. After all it’s not everyday that a techie decides to make a sacrifice of his hi-tech life style to take up the flag and march on for the masses. Satya also affirms that the NRIs can serve India alright, ‘effectively and from a distance.’ In fact thatskannada had put up an earlier story on the site about Reddy jumping into the election pool, but its in Kannada and not accessible to people who don’t know the language.

In case you are a newbie and don’t know about Satya, he is one of the seven founders of TIE (The Indus Entrepreneurs), the non-profit global organization that promotes Indian techie start-ups. So let’s keep watching Reddy’s fortunes!

From Ravi Krishna Reddy’s video blog : January 2008.

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