Mphasis/EDS to politics

TS Chandrashekar has just resigned from Mphasis/EDS where he was working as a Module Lead and he did this for a reason close to his heart. He is another of the idealist techies who is contesting the Assembly elections; his constituency being Hollalkere in Chitradurga Dist, Karnataka.

Chandrashekar’s CV is impressive; he speaks 5 languages fluently including Korean, which incidentally has landed him the job as language consultant in several tech companies like Oracle. He is an alumni of the JNU, New Delhi, he did both his MA and MPhil from there and he is currently working for a PhD from the Seoul University studying the Peacekeeping Operations of the UN. He is also a prolific writer of articles on international topics. He has an offer of a professorship in Korea but has chosen to battle it out for his country. Any politician out there to match the profile?

Chandrashekar has an impressive agenda as well. His aim is to introduce the six-sigma in politics and go round the villages for spreading awareness about not accepting money or booze in return of votes,  and says he has been asked by some people not to come their way any more for fear of the villagers getting too aware. If he wins, his aim is to promote IT through and through and at the same time save the employees from exploitation which seems to be a darker aspect of globalization. He feels the positive side of globalization far outweighs the negative elements. He also wants to build a Steel Plant in the district and hold English courses, both aimed at job creation.

Chandrashekar had also appealed for contributions for his election process but says the only techie contribution was from Chicago, and a sum of approximately US$ 250. He also says that some people laugh at him because he speaks of an ideal world, and chucked a lucrative job for a life serving people through public office. But Chandrashekar does not shy away from his path, he sounds quite determined and tells techgoss that he wants to bring IT to rural India. His hustings is just round the corner, on the 16th of May.

Let’s see how much IT superpower India is ready for people who give up lucrative careers in the tech industry to purse a passion for public service.  The voters decide this week.

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