SunTec supports Zero Waste

Taking time off the daily schedules of systems and computer programs, the techies at the Trivandrum based SunTec Business Solutions made an effort to do what they could towards erasing their carbon foot prints. With know-how from Thanal, an NGO working on the cause of Zero Waste, the techies took the theme of UNEP’s World Environment Day on June 5 to heart and made time to ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’ household throwaways and minimize waste.

In an exhibition held at the two SunTec Centers in the city, the representatives of Thanal taught the Sun-techies on the spot how to reuse things like old newspapers, cloth pieces etc into cute saleable things.

The event, Zero Waste Expo, was a sell-out success with the products disappearing like hot cakes off the counter, and replenishments too soon drying up. There were trays, necklaces, bags, files and stationery galore. The impact was two-fold and benefited both the parties involved.   Thanal made a neat profit off the sale and Sun techies had the satisfaction of becoming a part of the environment brigade for an hour at least on the World Environment Day.

Sanju Pillai, the Manager Marketing Communications at SunTec told Techgoss that there is always an initiative running at the company to keep abreast of the effort to save the environment. There are prizes on offer to those who make it a step better and switching off fans, lights and computers and even whole systems to save energy has been encouraged and appreciated at the company. This is a good example set by SunTec which hopefully will be emulated by other companies in the near future.

SunTec Business Solutions in the Technopark Campus at Trivandrum has been around since 1990 offering consulting, product training and software solutions in Relationship-based Pricing and centralized billing for various industries in finance and other sectors. They employ around 500 people in about 6 countries world wide and has won several recognitions including the ‘Company to watch’ at Billing Systems in 2002 at London, and adjudged to be among the fastest growing IT companies in Asia-Pacific.

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