Loyal Venture Capitalists

Venture Capitalists
What’s typical in Venture Capital scene demography?

It’s an all white, all male profile, well almost! They put it at 88% white and 86% male. ‘They’ refer to the Venture Census 2008, a National Venture Capital Association survey done along with Dow Jones Venture Wire and this was an attempt to explore the demographic attributes of Venture Capital Professionals. More than 500 professionals of which twenty five percent were women, working in an industry that is going to go places in the near future were contacted electronically in June 2008 for responses and codified to arrive at the following demographic profile. The sample was limited to the venture capitalists working across the US

The profile is male-dominated alright, but the survey does indicate that this is going to change in the coming days. The nationality profile leans heavily towards US born, and that is an 87% of the respondents. The next largest group comes from Asia/Middle East and if this is any compensation, half of these are Indians.

There are plenty of doctorates in the profiles, and business administration seems the favorite stream of study, and surprisingly there are quite a few of them from biology stream too. But the MBA seems an addiction, more than half of them hold the degree. Harvard, MIT and Stanford are the most common alma maters of the VC folk, and a horizontal career path is what brought them all there, well almost all of them. Working up to a level and crossing over seems to be the pattern; just four percent of them came up direct from undergraduate school.

The VCs are certainly an industrious lot, they work at least 40 hours a  week and thirty two percent of them do a sixty hour week. That means an eight hour day all days of the week plus 4 hours to fit in some where again. The majority of them are in the age group of 25-44 and their loyalty factor is really high, sixty five percent of the VCs have worked for just one venture capital firm according to the survey.

The National Venture Capital Association (NVCA) is a group of about 480 private equity firms and venture capital firms. Dow Jones brings all the news that matter to the venture capital professionals from all round the globe. The NVCA and Dow Jones mean to do this survey regularly now to keep track of the trends in an emerging industry.

Eric Schmidt at the National Venture Capital Association: 2006


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