Techies ‘lucky’ number

Who is that you hold near to your heart, answer to all she says and refill her requirements even with borrowed money? She’s your life line and the one thing that can make or break your career too at any time. Yeah! I am talking of your mobile. And like your name, which many of us change to suit our luck, your mobile number needs to be lucky too, say some folk! Quite obvious if the mobile is such a major player in your life’s business.

How lucky is your cell number?

If you think that it is a superstitious statement, then I guess the techies are turning superstitious a lot these days. I came across this Times of India report where several people have admitted to changing their mobile number, to “change their luck”. The Number Therapy is the latest fad, yes, even among techies. The article quotes an engineering student, among others in Bangalore as having consulted a numerologist to change her cell number. And have they had better luck after that? They swear to “considerably better luck” and good times in their lives. And its not just numbers but colors and screensavers too that are being investigated for an impact on individual lives.

Techgoss was intrigued and spoke to Dr Seema Midha, a practicing numerologist in Delhi, to get a better idea on how the digital world meets the spiritual. Seema told me that she has advised at least 2000 people on lucky mobile numbers and this includes MPs, MLAs, corporate honchos and techies. And according to the lady, it may not just be the number but certain service providers too which may prove to be luckier for you than others depending on your birth number.

She says she has a large clientele among IT, KPO, BPO folk but refused to disclose names for reasons of confidentiality. But the TOI report mentions Animax India CEO Lokendar Singh as someone who chose a cell number after a consultation with his numerologist as “a matter of faith”.

The mobiles dominate our lives these days.  So perhaps there is really something in this, if a certain number can bring in optimism and confidence. But luck? I guess that is an entirely different matter and one of faith.

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