Techie Love Story profits given to charity

Pic Credit : Tech Goss

Symbols of undying love are rare!  Remember Eric Segal’s Love Story? Or maybe looking nearer home how about the Taj Mahal?  Well, when a techie decides to reveal his undying love for a girl, it an even more singular event. Yes, a techie who is a Project Lead in Infosys, Chandigarh has turned his real life story into a novel, in a process of catharsis of his emotions.

Ravinder Singh wrote ‘I too had a love story’ and released it in December 2008 under the banner of Srishti Publishers.  The high point of the incident is that this could have been you or me… who registers on a matrimonial website, meets a dream-match, prepares to tie the knot and then something happens…all in a matter of a few months. Ravinder relied heavily on his life experience to write this work of fiction and hopes he can find echoes of empathy among his fellow-techies. Here is the interview he gave to Techgoss.

Techgoss: What is your technical background?  Which tech companies have you worked with?
RS: (Ravinder Singh): I am yet another Software Engineer. I have been working with Infosys for past 5 years and now I am project lead. Infosys is my first company.

Q: How did a techie become a writer?
RS: Irony made me…Tere jaane ka asar kuch aisa hua mujh par, tujhe dhoondate dhoondate, maine khud ko paa liya….….otherwise I would not have come across an author in me.  Unfortunate things had happened in my life. And to come out of them, I had to give myself a reason to live. This book was that very reason.

Q: What is the book all about?
RS: It’s about an immortal love story. It’s a story about how a guy happens to find his true love on a website, finally to lose her later…forever. Unfortunately, it’s a true story. When Narayana Murthy read the story he was touched and it is then, when he gave a quote for my book ‘Simple, honest & touching.’ If I were to talk about this book in different words, I would say this book is an answer to all these questions. Do love stories ever die? Can modern day gadgets like mobile phones and the ‘http:\\ www’ era of internet bring you the love of your life? You haven’t met her earlier, but commit to marry.  Will you still call this a love marriage?  And what if on the engagement day while you pull the ring out from your pocket, you realize what you planned was just a dream which never comes true…?

Q: Techies are generally perceived as intelligent and well paid but unromantic.  What are the real life examples of romance you have seen in the tech world?
RS: I know that’s the notion to some extent. But I would differ from it. You don’t need to be a Non-Techie to make some space for romance in your life. It just happens. When love knocks at your door, it won’t ask you your profession, but silently, take its own space. Real life example….hmmm…having written my love story I am that one Techie (perhaps) who is aware of so many real life love stories. People feel comfortable sharing them with me. A few of them have sad endings, just like mine. I don’t know how to react to them, but merely listening to them, gives them that satisfaction factor. Real life examples of romance? What can be a better example than NRN and Sudha Murthy’s love story?

Q: How did you tie with Shaadi to do the book?  How is it doing?
RS: This story is a true story. As per the story the guy and the girl met on and the rest is history. While my book was ready to move to the bookstores, I happened to connect with seeking what all we can do to bring this book up in a better way. I was glad to see their generous gesture to help me in providing the right platform to launch this book. The launch was done in Chandigarh on 1st Dec 2008. It was a press conference. The book is doing fabulous and that’s something which every author wants. It feels great when bookstore’s call me to sign a few copies and when some buyer’s at the store want to take a picture with me. The fan/friend mails have been rising like anything. It gives me a happy feeling that my share of profit will go in for a noble cause.

Q: Any plans of translating the book?
RS: Well, some dialogues in the book are in Hindi already, or to say Hinglish. And may be a proper translation as time goes.

Q: Techgoss: What plans next?
RS: I guess marketing the book comes next.

Q: What are your favorite reads?
RS: I am a hardcore fiction fan and loved Eric Segal’s Love Story and Mitch Albom’s For One More Day. The last book I read and cherished was Arundhati Roy’s The God of Small Things.

It’s heartening to find more and more of a literary streak in techies. Techgoss has been focusing on their humane and artistic side in recent stories like the one on Farahad Zama and Nandan Nilekani; here is another person joining the list, Ravinder Singh.


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