BPO Sutra, Literature 2.0? A Review

Think Call centre stories, Think Chetan Bhagat?

Not any more, here is a book which has not one but a hundred and fifty call centre stories, and was such a hit with the yuppie crowd that it was sold out within one month of its first print run. The book BPO Sutra is now in its 9th print run and it’s a whopping 50000 copies that’s out. It’s also been in the Top Ten of the India Today best seller list consistently for the last six months, which happens to be its exact age.

What is so special about this book that it is grabbed off the shelves?

I took a look and then settled down to read it. And the Z factor stuck me at once, this isn’t fiction, this is real life. It is the simplicity of the tales narrated and the ordinary life that peeks through it that makes it a winner.

This book compiled by a techie, Sudhindra Mokhasi, has 150 call centre stories, real ones from real people. Any wonder that the young crowd gobbled it up? You could say an Indian Chicken Soup series for call centre stories. And Chetan Bhagat himself has endorsed it on the cover. In fact it is the world’s first book of true stories from India’s BPO & Call centers and possibly India’s first anthology of true stories of any industry.

About the book, Don’t expect a Rushdie or a Lahiri or a booker winner genre, rather call it Literature 2.0, as the guy behind the book, Sudhindra Mokhasi likes to call it. It is entertaining and takes you through the lives of those guys and gals behind the BPO voices, read them to know they are as ordinary as you are and have the same issues in life, in spite of the ‘night-brood’ image they carry. And not all stories carry a great flavour, there were some that simply didn’t fit in, but others which told a fair tale made up for it.

The book is divided into a number of sub-titles herding together stories from a specific genre, like Work, Cab-travel, Week-end Parties, Calls, Scams etc- There, I have listed the mainstays of the life of a typical BPO guy/gal. And read it in any order, end, middle or beginning or a random page. Because each story stands on its own.

The website for BPO Sutra still has stories pouring in, so can we expect a sequel? The author is still busy selling this book and the last I heard was that it has been picked up by Peakpublish for the UK market to be published in Spring 2010.

Rupa is the publisher and the price of the book is Rs.95/-


One thought on “BPO Sutra, Literature 2.0? A Review

  1. Frankly, i bought this book off a station stall, 3 years back when it was just launched (i think). Endorsed by, Mr. Chetan Bhagat was a BIG reason to buy this, for i really wanted to understand what stuff Mr. Bhagat endorses.

    There is only one word for this book, putting it mildly, Pathetic.

    But then, may be this book was never meant to win any literary awards. But frankly , this was a cheap attempt to easy-sell to the TG – India is full of call boys and girls.

    Hmmm… The writing was worse than CB’s and stories, pukable. Not one class stuff there. Not one. Infact, one story which i don’t remember was an anecdote i have heard since my school days 90s,

    Hmm… sad to see such books becoming best sellers and going all over the world. What does it say about writer… don’t care, but what it says about the indian readers.

    Well, sad. real sad scenario

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