I Too had a Love Story: A Review

Love stories always get readers, and if the story is something that really happened? Then it becomes a best seller. This is about techie Ravinder Singh’s debut book ‘I too had a love story’. The book was published in 2008 and became a national best seller in a matter of weeks. 

Love happened to Ravinder Singh in a predictable way. He is a software engineer in one of the premier institutions of India, and when he wanted to get married, he registered on one of the matrimonial websites. Soon, he met a ‘dream-match’ Khushi, and they like each other so much that they commit to get married even before they meet. Later they do meet and hit off even better and fall into a divine love affair that is spoken of in the chronicles of love.

Ravinder has written out their journey towards love and their happy moments together in a realistic way. They long for each other, wait for the next phone call, anticipate the surprises planned by the partner; they have tiffs, they make up, they fear about telling their parents and it’s like what happens to all of us. And it rings true. It is all going well for him when fate interferes…I won’t play spoiler, read the book to know what happened.

Ravinder Singh had been inconsolable when the match had to be broken off, and he writes his heart out in the book. This is what makes the book a winner. There is no lofty language or drawn out descriptions. Ravinder has used light-hearted humour, chat scripts and phone dialogues to bring out the development of a modern romance. It is simple and touching and goes straight to your heart. The honesty of it all comes through the very normal writing skills of the author. He is a techie after all.

The book isn’t big, or glossy, even it’s lay out has a simplicity that appeals. It is published by Srishti Publishers and costs Rs.99/


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