Idealistic techie biker rides for a cause

Pic courtesy : Tech Goss

Riding solo from Bangalore and back, he rode 7000 Kilometers in twenty one days covering 13 Indian states. He is a techie and a traveler who is crazy about bikes and supporting idealistic causes. Meet Prabhu who says ‘I ride for a cause’ and ‘I Ride against poverty’. His motor cycle diaries have been scripted on twitter @prabhuns.

Techgoss had this interesting conversation with Prabhu about his biking experience.

Techgoss (TG): We know you as Prabhu, the techie rider, tell us more about yourself. Where and what did you study? Where do you work now?
Prabhu: Prabhu S (25), holding a computer science engineering degree. My entire education was at TN. Currently, I work for Goldman Sachs, Bangalore as a software engineer.

Why did you do this adventure? Why a bike and not any other vehicle?
Prabhu: Traveling is my hobby, meeting different people and looking at their culture always has it own joys and learning as I believe traveling is the best education you will get in this world. A long solo road trip was a long due on my wish list. I also consider “train” the best mode to travel all over India, but if I go by train I need to have a very strict plan to catch the train on time or should have lots of time to catch trains with out any advance booking. As I had only 3 weeks of leave; bike seems to be better and convenient due to limited time. More over I enjoy bike rides.

TG: What is your work experience in hardware/software?
Prabhu: I am little more than 4 years old in the software industry. Goldman Sachs is my second employer; previous one was Tech Mahindra, Mumbai (Previously called Mahindra British Telecom). I moved to Goldman Sachs, Bangalore 2 years back.

Did someone in your family/incident inspire you to do this?
Prabhu: Nope – it’s fully my plan and my decision. No incident inspired me either … I told them just few days before the trip otherwise they would worry a lot.

TG: How much did the ride cost? How did you raise funds?
Prabhu: I haven’t calculated yet but it might be around 50K. There is no fund raised. It was mostly from my pocket. Action Aid said they will help me with some expenses. See this is very noble, idealistic idea.

TG: What was the response like in Tech hubs you crossed?
Prabhu: Most of them were mystified, some against my plan and some even scolded me. But few people really motivated me.

TG: Was there any way your location could be specified?
Prabhu: I had software on my mobile which show my current location on Google map

TG: How do you evaluate your experience?
Prabhu: It’s a life time experience, lots of moments which I wouldn’t have got if I were in a group, or not on a bike, or if I am tourist, or not on a road trip. I was pretty aware its very risky, But I took the risk just for a great experience.

How does your office take this? Were you allowed leave of absence?
Prabhu: 3 weeks of leave is very difficult to get unless you are getting married or something like that, but as I am doing it for a cause and I had informed them 7 months ago about the plan, I manage to get it. Also there were a few holidays in the middle.

TG: What would you tell other IT/BPO people about doing likewise?
Prabhu: I read somewhere “a man is born to live, not just to prepare for his life”. I personally think, most of our youth life is spent in education then searching for a decent job then inside a small cubicle then FULLY in to the system of “saving money for future/family”.. When we finally have time to the dream, we don’t have youth. Better not to wait for time. So I prefer to live like “there is no tomorrow.” In this trip, along with my journey I tried to make use of my journey in a different way!

What is your next adventure?
Prabhu: To be frank, the plan was first a road trip then it became a social awareness program. I don’t have any plans now, but I won’t even think for second, if I get a chance for “Amazon or Thailand rainforest”, or a Euro backpacking trip. I guess mostly it might be Thailand.


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