Techie’s Film against Corruption

Filmmaker, novelist, entrepreneur and cartoonist, he spent several years in the media and internet industries, and is the Founder Director of Delnex Media Private Limited, which runs the shopping portal Previously he had launched the entertainment portal and financial portal Meet K.V. Gautam, author and film director, who wears many hats.

Techgoss (TG): A short intro please
K V Gautam (KVG): I am based in New Delhi. I am the author of the novel Love in Crazy Times, and the director of the upcoming Hindi comedy film Hum Honge Kaamyaab. In my years in media and Internet industries, I have working experience of strategy, planning, team handling, writing, designing, visualization, online marketing, SEO, social media marketing, etc. My educational qualifications include Master in Business Administration (MBA) and Post Graduate Diploma in Mass Communications.

TG: You run a company Delnex Media Private Limited. Tell us about Delnex and its vision
KVG: Delnex Media Private Limited is a media and technology company based in New Delhi, India. The company is also into mobile VAS, and digital applications and marketing and has launched an e-commerce venture. We want to make the company a leading player in the media and consumer Internet industry.

TG: You launched, an e-commerce venture, on 11 October 2011. Tell us more about how the company hopes to harness the e-commerce arena
KVG: is a sincere effort to make shopping easy, convenient and economical for Indian shoppers.  We always believed in the power of technology to make our lives better.

TG: You are also into mobile VAS, and digital applications & marketing. How have you used your various skills to further the scope of technology in media?
KVG: Experience in various industries gives you a unique respective that you can never get while working for just one industry or one company. I believe both technology and creativity can change the world for better. I want to be at the cutting edge of both the media and technology industries.

TG: Tell us about your book, how did it happen? Does the book have any autobiographical elements?
KVG: Love in Crazy Times is a gripping tale of search for love and freedom, braving heart-breaks, evil bosses and family pressure. The protagonist Amit is a daring middle class guy who chases both love and dream of starting his own business. He is faced with the hypocritical Indian society and the corrupt business class on his path. The story also shows how India, after the economic liberalization, is offering immense opportunities as well as challenges to young people. It’s also about the cultural gap between a small town and a metro, and how parents find it difficult to adjust in a fast changing nation.

What inspired me to write the book is the condition of the youth in the nation. When I see young people, I feel they are faced with many issues, whether it’s their love life or their career. Young people are more than often forced by parents to choose a career or a life partner different from what they want.  This situation makes me think. I decided to tell a story which mirrors what the young Indians are going through. Though, I made sure that the story is highly entertaining. Though the book is not autobiographical, I was inspired by lives of a lot of people, who I interacted with, over several years during my corporate jobs.

TG: How come you have included so much of contemporary elements in the storyline, like the LPG policy and its effects? How interested are you in politics?
KVG: I have shown the fast changing contemporary India in my book. I have also shown the cultural gap between a small town and a big city. However, I did not mention LPG policy in the story. I am not interested in active politics. Though, I feel strongly about the burning issues of the nation. My upcoming film Hum Honge Kaamyaab is also a result of that, which is a satire on both society and corruption.

TG: You have dedicated the book to R K Laxman, is there a reason for this?
KVG: R K Laxman was my childhood hero. I was highly impressed by his work. I also started my career as a political cartoonist working for several national newspapers. Dedicating the book to him was my little tribute to the man, who always cared for the common man.

TG: You are writing a film script, tell us more.
KVG: I am writing the script of Hum Honge Kaamyaab, an upcoming Hindi comedy film on corruption. It will be produced and directed by me. The film will be produced under the banner of Delnex Media Private Limited. It is a thought-provoking film and entertaining film that discusses the root causes of corruption.

TG: What do you think about the boom in writing in India now in English?
KVG: I think youth are reading new stories written by new writers these days, and it is the best time to write a book in India. In the old times, elitist book publishers used to churn out books written by NRIs about pangs of being an NRI or about the British Raj, while ignoring the stories of a billion resident Indians.

Now-a-days, we see Indian stories, set in India, written by resident Indians, ruling the bestseller charts. It is heartening. The way Indian book publishing industry is growing, very soon we will see one book title selling more than 10 million copies.


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