Techie in running for Book Award

Ravinder Singh - Author Ravinder Singh, ex-Infosys techie turned author had blown the roof off with a simple love story quoted from his life, ‘I Too Had a Love Story’ in 2008 and topped charts with sales nearing 3 lakh copies. His second book, ‘Can Love Happen Twice’, out in Dec 2011, is doing even better and is now in the short-list of the Economist Crossword Book Award 2012 in the Popular category.

We caught up with Ravinder Singh at a very busy moment. He is getting ready to announce the results of the much awaited Love Story Contest at Penguin, of which he is one of the judges. Here’s what he told us in a short interview.

Techgoss: Congrats and how do you feel on being short listed for the prestigious Economist Crossword Book Award 2012?
Ravinder Singh: Am actually not excited to be honest, but feeling very very good that I belong to this breed of authors who is being honored in the list. It sounds funny but I wasn’t actually aware that I was in the long list till very recently, and I came to know about the short listing with the congratulatory calls coming in. I am not really aware about how one is nominated or who nominates and the criteria for nominations or long/short listings. But, yes, I feel good. In fact I would be more interested in knowing what’s the road ahead for me regarding my writing. It’s a different thing when you plan to be here or do that, and when you are pleasantly surprised by such honours.

Techgoss: Your first book made history, and the second book is also looking like making the same, could you tell us more?
Ravinder Singh: Both books are my babies and doing well and I cannot differentiate between them. In fact, the second book has given me a lot more to feel good about. It’s the fastest selling book ever for Penguin, and sold one lakh copies on the opening day. Considering that the publisher has such a prestigious trail behind them, I am proud to be this trail blazer. I am also given to understand that many who read the second book, and hadn’t been familiar with my first went back in search of the first book saying, ‘has this guy written an earlier one?’ The book has sold 2 lakh copies so far in these nine months of its being released.

Techgoss (TG) has followed the soaring trajectory of Ravinder Singh when he first published, and interviewed him again when the debut novel broke all records for sales. An early interview with Ravinder here.

Ravinder Singh’s interview at Infosys Chandigarh

Originally published at Tech


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