Techie Pens Two Best Sellers

Sudeep Nagarkar

Young techie Sudeep Nagarkar is on top of the world. He penned not one but two best sellers in quick succession and had them published with a company of repute. Definitely a matter for kudos. Nagarkar’s debut, ‘Few things left unsaid’ sold above 2 lakh copies and his ‘That’s the way we met’ has been on best seller charts within a month of its July release. Meet Sudeep Nagarkar.

Techgoss (TG):  Do give us an intro please.
Sudeep Nagarkar (SN): I am an Electronics Engineer from Mumbai University. I am working with an IT Company and the experience so far has been fluctuating. There is a constant pressure and competition around you. However, that’s life. Even as an author, we have healthy competition around us. My hometown is Ahmednagar but I have never been there. If I recollect my childhood then hardly a couple of visits, you can say. I am a pure Mumbaikar and I love it that way. I had many vicissitudes in my life and that too when I was not even 20. Therefore, life has taught me to be strong. I have come up from failures in engineering, love life and many other things. I personally feel motivated with these known facts. However, my wait for my love has not yet ended.

TG: 24 years old, IT professional and two best sellers already, and both from a traditional publishing house. Tell us about your journey into the world of words please. Were you into books early on?
SN:  Not really. I was neither a blogger nor an avid reader. I use to read books in my spare time but was never keen on penning down something. It was an instant decision and things proceeded positively. When my first book ‘Few things left unsaid’ was published I never had any aim in my mind as I never wanted writing as my career. Maybe this approach helped me. I wrote what I felt. I wrote what I had experienced. The response from masses and readers was overwhelming. I was amazed to see myself into bestsellers within 4 months of book release. The experience with Random House has been exceptional till now. The latest book ‘That’s the way we met’ was listed in bestsellers within 1 month of release. I won’t say that my life has changed drastically. But who doesn’t want appreciation and fame? It’s good to be recognized in the crowd where we engineers lose their identity working for someone for entire life.

TG: How did you get a publisher for your first book? Was it a tough path? Did you ever think of self-publishing at all?
SN: If we get everything easily in life then the charm and zeal of achieving your dream vanishes. It was not as easy as sipping a coffee. I had approached many publishers in Mumbai from 2010. But no one gave a serious thought over it. Somewhere I felt to thrash myself or throw away my work thinking it as scrap. However, my friends motivated me that you need to do it for your love. This motivation kept my belief alive. Though I never wanted to be an author but I wanted my feelings to get printed. I thought of self-publishing my book by printing 1000 copies and distributing on Mumbai roads. But my main motive of finding my love would have lost in this obsession of finding publishers and getting my work printed. So I dropped the plan of self-publishing. My main motive of writing a book was reaching my love. I had to be patient. After 1 year of struggle I got my publishers and “Few things left unsaid” came in bookstores in June 2011. “That’s the way we met’ released in July 2012.  Patience pays! It did pay me!

TG:  Just for the sake of some statistics, what’s the sort of sales your books have got at this moment?
SN: I have never paid attention to statistics. If your content is good your books have to do well. Gone is the time when even selling 5000 copies of your book was a big deal. The reader base of India has increased drastically from 2008. ‘Few things left unsaid’ has sold more than 2 lakh copies and is still among the top 20 books in fiction. ‘That’s the way we met’ is released 2 months back but it has got huge positive response. It’s already a bestseller on various bookstores and online portals like flipkart, homeshop18 and infibeam.

TG: Have you been a part of the marketing of the books? How did you use social media to market? Do you think an author should market his books or himself?
SN:  Yes. I actively market my books and I think you are the best person to do that rather than anyone else. You know your product better than anyone. Marketing your books on social media takes hardly 30 min from your busy schedule and nowadays we all are using smart phones too. Today, even Big B of Bollywood is on Facebook, twitter and blogging. Then who are we? 🙂  I have seen many digital marketing firms promoting that they have marketed my first book ‘Few things left unsaid’. However new authors should not fall prey to it. I had promoted my book myself with my friend Zankrut Oza. He helped me in many ways to reach to wider audience and recently he started his digital marketing company called WebChanakya. Rest was all because of love of my fans and readers who helped me reach where I am today. I love them all and love to stay connected with them through Facebook and Twitter.

TG: What are your other interests?
SN: Roaming on bikes with my friends, listening to music and trying different cuisines.

TG: Any new book coming up?
SN: I am working on it. It’s still too early to comment on it. It’s hardly 2 months that ‘That’s the way we met’ has released. For now, I can just say that it’s not a love story. But yes, all the fans and readers will soon see Marathi translation of “Few things left unsaid” this Diwali.

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