Handled With Care | The HT-Penguin India One Amazing Story contest winner

We asked you to write a 125-150 words mini story about an amazing incident in your life. Over 600 entries not only left us amazed but also gave a tough time to our judges, Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni, author of One Amazing Thing and Penguin India’s editorial team. Here are the three winning entries.


Suneetha B, Trivandrum

Handled With Care

In February 1990, there was a taxi-auto flash strike in my city and I was in labor. The neighbor’s car, which was taking me to the hospital, failed on the way. In a few minutes, some local people gathered and put their hands to the car; I sat inside, biting my lips. The car now moved but on human power; the engine was still silent. The helping hands fell away and one of them shouted, “Saar! Call a mechanic!”

It was barely a few hundred meters to the hospital but I was in no shape to walk it down. My moan this time escaped my lips. The feet that were scuttling away stopped, and heads turned. In seconds, a few more pairs of hands put together on the car pushed it and me all the way to the hospital.

In barely three hours, my son smiled at this amazing world.

Read all the prize-winning entries here


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